* CHI CRATE - Dreaming of a Chi Christmas *

* CHI CRATE #2 *
* CHI CRATE #2 *
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Product Description

The Chi Crate is a collection of uniquely created items for Chi Eta Phi. A new Chi Crate will ship out each quarter, and will feature a range of merchandise from apparel to jewelry to bags to accessories. The best part is... each item in your box is an exclusive gift created with the professional Chi Eta Phi lady in mind. We will not disclose any the items that will be included in your crate before it ships. But trust us, you'll LOVE your Chi Crate!

This is Chi Crate #2. We call it "Dreaming of a Chi Christmas". It will ship out in November.

The deadline for ordering Chi Crate #2 is October 22, 2020.

* Note: The items shown in the picture are not a true depiction of what would be offered in your Chi Crate. Although we request sizes for tees, outerwear, and footwear options, all of these may not be included in your quarterly Chi Crate. The same options will be listed for each crate, each quarter.

Frater Chi Crate coming.

Apparel offered in Ladies' Sizes and Unisex Sizes may be different.

**If you were referred to our Chi Crates by another member of Chi Eta Phi, please let us know by typing in their first and last name in the "Referred By?" line. They will receive a $5 incentive toward the purchase of the next Chi Crate (limit $25 referrals per crate).

Thank you for shopping with us!