Gamma Gear Box - *Feeling A Little Blue* Box

Gamma Gear Box - *Feeling A Little Blue* Box
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Product Description

Thank you to those who purchased the "Feeling a Little Blue Gear Box! We are now working to put the these Boxes together for you. They should ship out by the end of January. If you missed the purchasing window, don't worry - there will be another Gamma Gear Box available for purchase soon.

The Gamma Gear Box is a collection of new & uniquely created items just for Gamma. Each box will contain an assortment of at least four custom, hand-picked paraphernalia items ranging from apparel and bags to jewelry and accessories that we create just for you. We will not disclose the exact items included in each box. But, we guarantee you'll be happy with your Gamma Gear Box! New Gear boxes will be offered every quarter.

Gear Box #2 is called The "Feeling a Little Blue" Box. The Order deadline for this Gear Box is December 22nd, 2020. These boxes will ship in January, 2021.

While all items from the Inaugural Gamma Gear Box will all be available to order online (or in the store), this and future Gear Boxes will have items that are EXCLUSIVE to the GEAR BOX. Some items will only be available if you order the Gear Box. In other words - order yours OR you may miss out...

We need to have at least 10 orders for this item. If we receive fewer than 10 orders for the Gamma Gear box, we will cancel this shipment and refund payments for any orders.

** Note: The items shown in the picture are not a true depiction of what would be offered in your Gamma Gear Box. Although we request sizes for tees, outerwear, and footwear and other options, all of these may not be included in your quarterly Gear Box. The same options will be listed for each box.

Thank you for shopping with us!