Paddle Starter Gift Pack

Paddle Starter Gift Pack
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Product Description

Want a personalized gift to give? This custom paddle gift pack includes all the pieces you'll need to do just that! It includes a proud and sturdy paddle (measuring 21" x 5" x 3/4" and oak oiled) a leather lace to hang it for display, and each of the following:

- 1 full color wood crest;

- 3 double greek letters (each is 1-1/2" tall);

- 1 small wooden symbol of your choosing;

- 1 word "phrase" of your choosing - like SPRING;

- 4 - inch-tall wood numbers - to use as your crossing year (or choose 4 letters or combination); AND

- 1 additional inch-tall line number (or extra letter). Choose two numbers if you have a double-digit line number.

This pack does not come assembled, but each of the pieces - crest letters, symbols - are all peel and stick. Simply peel the backing and place them where you want them on your paddle. Press down for a few seconds, and your pieces will hold permanently, for a gift to last for years to come. If you desire additional letters or symbols, visit the "Design It! Central" - Custom Paddles section for additional choices.

* For Omega Delta Phi, Gamma Phi Delta, and Alpha Lambda Omega, choose the large, double-backed wood symbol in place of your wooden crest.

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